My name is Linda. I hail from the Netherlands but I currently live and work in the UK.

For years I have been passionate about the Chinese language and culture. It started off as a hate-love relationship – my father lived in Jinan (Shandong) and as a young girl I was angry at ‘China’ for taking away my dad whilst at the same time being intrigued by this vast country from all the numerous stories he would bring back home with him.

But now, having lived and worked in China and Taiwan myself, it has turned into a love for the language and its people. My blog is inspired by, and based on my experiences with, my amazing friends in Taiwan and China.

With this blog I hope to provide a contextual narrative to topical news items on Chinese society (politics, sociology and notions of modernity). I would like to break down the ‘big bad scary China’ image by providing a more in-depth context to certain issues. These narratives have been shaped by the views of my Chinese and Taiwanese friends, and it is to them that I have to be thankful for providing me with such invaluable insight into the Chinese culture and society.

As for my academic background, I hold an MPhil in Modern Chinese Studies from the University of Oxford, an LLM in Public International Law and a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences from University College Utrecht. Currently I am training to be a lawyer in the UK.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and I am always open to any suggestions or feedback!


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